Internet Photography Site Of The Week

With the increase of digital photography on the rise, it seems like everytime you turn around there is new photography site on the net. It's really the best invention for photographers. The wealth of information available is unheard of before and it gives you a chance to discuss techniques with other photographers more easily then ever before.

I will continue to feature a link from my extensive list of bookmarks each week. I'm going to start with one of my favorites, The main reason I read FredMiranda so often is the professionalism of the members. The work and advice they share is consistently top-notch. You can get that same quality on other forums, but FredMiranda seems abundant with it.

Fred Miranda is also known for his excellent Photoshop actions. I have the Intellisharpen action and love the results. I've also played with the BW Pro action and found it to be a very great tool for someone highly interested in BW photography.

An interesting note: Fred Miranda, the person, was a model with a number agencies and decided to give up being in front of the lens to move behind it and start learning the art. His site is an excellent resource that I value highly.

Check it out at: