Up Next... A Look Back

I thought I’d do something a little unorthodox with my first post, especially since there isn’t much of a history on this site yet. I’m doing a year in review for 2004. I’m hoping this will give you a little intro to who I am and what I do.

This isn’t my first time publishing online. I have been publishing KeystoneBiking for about 7 years now and I’ve worked in the design field for almost 15 years. I’m currently employed as a web designer and my hobby/freelance in the “off hours�? is a photographer.

I enjoy spending time on istockphoto.com where I’m a photo inspector. I’m part of the team that reviews each image submitted to the site where we review it for any technical defects and that all the information is correct. It’s a never ending task, but it’s fun seeing all the new stuff that people submit. Plus you get the satisfaction of helping out.
In the spring, I got inspired by a fellow cyclist to start commuting to work by bicycle and I kept it up for a good while. It was fun and it was a great source of writing and inspiration (and it helped increase my fitness for cycling.)
I went to the US Pro Championships and photographed the event. I've been working on marketing some of those images and look forward to do more in that avenue in 2005.

In the Fall, I shot a couple of the local Cyclocross races. I really enjoy the 'cross season. The action is contained in a small area that is great for spectators and the racing is fierce. The short events call for the riders to ride full throttle for the entire duration.

I shot the Ironmasters 'Cross race too. This unique race is the countries longest 'cross race being that it's a single loop 62 mile course. The riders were really feeling this one. I was glad to be shooting the event and not riding it!
And then to wrap up my riding season for 2004, I injured my shoulder in a road bike accident. So, I was off the bike for at least a month. In that time, I didn't do much shooting either. Now it's winter and I'm working on doing more photo work inside. I'll be posting more about those particular evenings and tips I find as I continue with this