Internet Site Of The Week - Lenswork

Internet Site Of The Week - Lenswork

Lenswork is a great magazine. The images they publish are great. I must confess, I'm not a regular reader of the magazine, but the ones I've read are outstanding.

What has grabbed me most about Lenswork is their audio blog they post on their site. Published nearly daily, Brooks Jensen sums up a thought, idea or concept in a short 2-3 minute sound byte. What's even more interesting is that many of his thoughts and comments can apply to many different subjects, not just photography.

Even more interesting, Brooks recently spoke about how the internet is changing the way he reads magazines. Granted, Lenswork is a completely different magazine then Popular Photography, Photographic and Shutterbug. When a publisher states internet chat groups, forums and archives more useful then waiting for a magazine to be published, it's gotta make you stop and think.

The web has really shifted the way people interact and collect information. The two way communication the 'net can provide is something that print publications will never be able to provide.

Make yourself a reminder to go in and grab the Lenswork Audio Blogs every couple days. Collect them all!