Making Your Mark

Any advertising guy knows that branding is everything. Well, I've been a little lax with my recent uploads to this blog with my watermarking. Some people use watermarking as a way to protect their images from "misappropriation" and that's something to think about. Aside from this, I like the presentation this gives even more so. Especially as I work with more people and give them samples from the shoots, I'm going to ask that when they display them on their online portfolios to keep my watermark on them.

When reviewing photographers on and even models, it's great when a model adds your OMP number to your images, but the watermark is visible to all that don't follow the links. There are a number of photographers on OMP that I recognize their style now when I see it, but only because I've seen a bunch of their images watermarked in models portfolios (attention nicovision, it works! I like your stuff!)

So, how do you make this quick and painless while keeping it professional. I prefer the Russell Brown approach. On his site, he has a Creating Watermark Tutorial and Quicktime Movie. It's a fast approach do doing this easily and quickly. All you need I a logo in a "path file" or shape in Photoshop and you are ready to go.

You've seen mine in previous image examples, or in the header of this site. But here's one I made for my friend, Matt and his soon to be released site (right matt? Wink wink, nudge, nudge.)