Photo Manipulation, Prison and Internet Religion.

Isn't love grand? Photo manipulation reaches new heights. Imagine you are confined to a certain location, like say… prison. But wish you could take a vacation somewhere with your significant other (and not the one you share a cell with.)

Well, now there is a company catering to this group. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop, this company is now taking prison visit photos and putting the subjects where they wished they could go.

This brings up an interesting question. As virtual reality becomes more of… well, a reality, will it's use be restricted for prisoners? I know I've played computer games where the experience was so real that I felt like I had been "immersed" in another reality. Or even the Internet allows that to a point (are prisoners allowed online?) A former creative director I worked with argued that the Internet was man's attempt to be more god-like. With the ability to "transport" to anywhere in the globe through the web, it closes gaps that used to exist before. Information is instantly accessible that once required lots of research and maybe even some traveling. I can see where this quest for "all knowing knowledge" could be perceived that way. (To counter the god-like theory, it's important to remember there is a difference between knowledge/information and wisdom.)

I constantly marvel at how the Internet has shrunk the world for me. I used to be very centralized here in South Central Pennsylvania. Now I have people I consider close friends that are all over the states, different parts of Canada, some in the UK and Europe. And they are no farther then my bedroom office.