Another gripe post...

Ok... So I know I'm being a little hard on Apple tonight. I have another problem to get off my chest. I purchased QuickTime Pro because I want to create Quicktime movies with HREF links within the movies. I have some ideas I want to work out with this.

I follow the tutorial on the Apple website... seems easy enough, but there is a major glitch. I have found a few people with this problem on the discussion forums on and there are NO ANSWERS to it. To top it off, I got a major run around on the Apple support side of their site and seems like there is little to no support for paying customers of QuickTime. :-(

So, after a few unanswered posts, I posted this to the Apple forum this evening. I hope I get an answer to this problem. I would love to post a "big ups" to Apple post, but lately they seem to keep leaving me flat.

I'm trying to follow the Apple tutorial on creating HREF tracks in a quicktime Pro movie, but when I try to rename my Text Trac to HREFTrack and click enter, it renames back to Text Track and won't complete the change.

I'm very frustrated. This is the BIG reason I even purchased QTPro in the first place and now I'm only finding that at least a few QTPro users have this problem... there is no support phone number, no way to submit a bug report... AND if this is a bug, then it shouldnt' be listed that you can do this with QTPro if it won't do it.

(feeling a little cheated!)

I realize I might sound a bit nasty in my tone, but it's only because I've STRUGGLED to find an answer online, only to be rerouted to wrong pages, the feedback request didn't work because it said that I left a field blank that was filled in, so I couldn't submit feedback and I see that other people on this message board have this same problem that has gone unanswered.

In terms of a customer support, this is very poor on Apple's part. No one should have to go to this extent to get help on a software program that someone paid for... and it doesn't do what it was said it could do... AND there "seems" to be little to no help for paying customers.

So, yes, I'm frustrated. I just want it to do what I paid for it to do. Is that too much to ask?

Strike Two. Major Bummer.