Feeling a little cheated!

I tend to not make posts like this but I had to vent. I'm a PC user. I used to be a HUGE Mac advocate. I don't dislike Apple's... PC's just seem to suit my career currently for a variety of reasons. Would I use a Mac and be happy with it? Sure I would. I have an iPod and LOVE it. iTunes is my music app of choice. I'm not anti-mac.

But that company is not on my good side right now. My PhotoCast was rejected from the iTunes music store because I had a problem with the way I set up the feed initially (no enclosure). Ok, I goofed... my mistake. I fixed it and tried to resubmit it, "sorry, this feed has already been submitted". I tried replying to the email I received but I got no response after almost a week.

So, It seems like there is a way to get a feed reconsidered. One strike and you're out? Sound a little harsh to me...

Apple, please don't let me down.