It's important to trust your media!

Damn CompactFlash

Murphy's Law was in full effect in Las Vegas for me. If it could have gone wrong, it did. While out at our wedding shoot, my Canon 10D just froze and refused to "boot". At first I thought it was a low battery, so I charged it up. After a while, I still had the same problem. So I swapped batteries with Simon, no luck. After a little head scratching, I pulled out the CF card and the camera started up.

I tried the Lexar 40X 1GB card in my card reader hard drive and got a "data error" message. I put in my backup card and was back to shooting, but I had to switch back to JPEG because of space. I tried the Lexar card in a couple of the Apple Notebooks and the volume wouldn't even mount on the desktop.

So, I was panicked a little, that I had lost some of my Vegas memories (not to worry, there was only about a dozen more cameras pointed at each other to capture the sights). Luckily, when I got home, I was able to pull my images from the card on my PC. Not sure why the Macs had trouble with it… but I plan to "shelve" that card now. I had a corrupt image on it last time around and did a good format on the PC of it, but it still had problems.

I'm sure that Lexar tech support is good and there customer service would probably replace the card free of charge, but I don’t trust their media anymore. Not with the stories I've been hearing. I'll move back to SanDisk or Kingston that I've had NO troubles with.