"That's my boy"

I tend to keep my blog on topic of my professional life, but last night I had a "that's my boy" moment that I felt compelled to share.

I was at the bike shop with my son, fitting him for a new bike for his birthday. My riding buddy ended up being there as well and as usual, we started chatting and dreaming of new bikes we "need". We go to this shop quite often so we know the guys there pretty well. So my friend, Jon was asking the guy how much certain bikes were… and after a while (when he realized we were just tire kicking) he just told us, "I don’t know all the prices, I work in the back." After a few more pricing questions, he laughed and teased us "I don't work out here…"

Later, my friend tells me, I should get this one bike, because it's a great bargain. The guy at the shop says, "no, you want a bargain, that one over there has all the bells and whistles for only $1800. That's a bargain." At that point, my 5year old Kyle, looks at him and says, "I thought you didn't work here."

For any isckers who met me in Vegas would probably say, "yep, a chip off the old block!"