It's all about who you know!

I had a "mishap" in Vegas with my tripod I picked up off eBay. It's been a great tool, but in Vegas, I found out the threads had been stripped beyond belief. On the plane back, the head came loose and bent the center column all up. I was ready to pitch it and get a new one, a Manfrotto like Andipantz has.

I figured I'd give it one last shot. My Dad was over for my son's birthday party and I asked him if he thought he could repair it. "Sure, no sweat" he says. So, he took it home, reshaped the tube and locktite'd the head back into the tube. I'd mentioned that I was a bit concerned about stability of it and didn't want my beloved camera crashing to the ground. He asked me how permanent I wanted the head attached. Well, since I was ready to get rid of it, I said "as long as it works and is stable, I'll be happy."

The next day, he returned by tripod with a new handy dandy support piece to "pinch" the tube around the threads of the tripod head. It's a pretty slick little piece. Looks cool as well as does a good job of securing the entire thing.

Tripod Fix

So, A big thank you to my Dad! He does good work. Plus I figure he just saved me about $500.