Shoot that kid!

One of my favorite subjects to shoot are my boys. In my recent uploads, I decided to focus on a topic close to home right now: growing up. My oldest boy is getting ready for Kindergarten in the fall and we are working on learning to tie his shoes and become even more independent.

Growing up can be frustrating

Check out this listing of more photos of my boys as they grow up.

Side Note:
It's amazing how much you change when you become a dad. Before I had kids I worked at an ad agency. On a shoot that I was art directing we had a kid just a little older then my son is now. This boy was a holy terror. I couldn't get him to stay in position long enough to snap an exposure. He ended up running all around the studio… and up the plaster seamless background like it was a skateboard ramp. I thought the photographer was going to strangle the kid. And the mother just sat in the back and read her magazine without helping at all.

That day I vowed: NEVER will I work with children or animals. The old Hollywood axiom is certainly true. However, times change. I enjoy shooting kids now (boy, that didn't sound proper at all, did it?)