Son of a geek is still a geek Or The Power of Marketing

My 5 year old is pretty tech savvy. At our block party this weekend, he was showing a few of the adults how to select songs on my iPod. (To which a few of the replied, "I just don't get this. Maybe I don't want one.")

He was going on a long car trip this weekend and my wife bought him a Game Boy Advance SP to be entertained during the car ride. So, I took him to Toys R Us to pick up a game. In the car on the way home, he's checking out the box and asks, "Is this from eBay?". Why do you ask? "Because it has a big [lowercase] E on it, isn't that eBay?"

I figured out he meant the "Rated E for Everyone" icon, but it made me realize just how powerful a job eBay has done with their marketing. Soo much so that my son associates the letter e with eBay. (That, or he's just a big computer/internet geek like his father.)