A toast... to the winner.

On istockphoto, I had a "race" this summer with Transferred to see who would hit gold level member first. It was a close race most of the way. She's a very talented photographer and model. I was honored to be in such a close competition with her. (but she does have a smaller portfolio online, so she won easily if you go by "percentage")

So, in honor of her winning I had an idea for a still life shot. I don't usually take the time to do shots like this. I set up lighting a "set" figured out how I wanted the flakes to float... etc. It was much more then just pointing a camera and grabbing something. This is the aspect of photography that I think I like most. That picturing something in your head and translating that to a scene in front of you. I can just about imagine how a movie director feels putting together a 2 hour moving piece of art.

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