(LightSource Podcast) Episode about modeling

For my model friends,

On our Studio Lighting podcast available (for free download) at StudioLighting.net. We interviewed a great photographer who talked about commercial modeling.

It was a great audio article and wonderful for people who want to get into commercial/advertising modeling.

For me, sadly it will possibly talk some of you out of doing TFP or TFCD shoots, but I thought it was very valuable stuff to know and I learned quite a lot from it and plan to rethink how I handle a lot fo things from it.

(no, this does not mean that I'm going to stop doing TFP/TFCD work, but I will probably be amping up my services that I offer and focus (pun intended) on helping develop well rounded portfolios.

Much like how I work with my web design clients, I'd like to move beyond a project (a shoot) and work on delivering a "whole solution" (a solid portfolio).