Famous Photography Moments?

I saw this ad in PDN and was looking at it pretty closely and some things looked familiar. It was shot by Clay Blackmore, a wedding and portrait photographer from Baltimore Maryland (not far from South Central PA).

After closer examination, I thought I recognized this location as the fountain behind the state capital here in Harrisburg. Then I started searching my memory banks. Andrea, Matt Wood and myself did a photoshoot in Harrisburg about a year ago and there was a LARGE wedding (or at least wedding photos) being taken at the capital, directly across the street from our location. I remember commenting on the photographer's "white lenses" to my Nikon friend.

The more I think about it, I think this could very well have been shot at the same moment(s) as this other photoshoot was taking place.

The images we shot have graced banner ads found on MySpace and brochures and I'm sure many other places we haven't found out about. As well, the action happening across the street showed up in an Ad for Canon in PDN and other photo magazines. It's kind of funny to think that the photography action on both sides of the street would such high visibility in extremely diverse publications.