Zune and Podcasting and Photography?

So, I was just hearing reports that the Zune has captured 9% of the "mp3 player" market. For a product launch, that's not to shabby. It's going to take a bit to tackle the dominance of the Apple iPod in that market. But it's off to a good start.

It makes me wonder, how good is the Zune for podcasting (being a podcaster and serious listner to podcasts). Can it do on the street interviews? Would it make more sense to move my shows to a video format that could play on iPod as well as Zune?

It makes me wonder how the formats can play on the Zune player. I'm anxious to see more of how this device develops. Wish I could get ahold of a review copy to see how it works!

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Besides, what could be cooler to store your photos and show your friends? I'm digging the bigger screen then an iPod.