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Photo Idea Index

Think of a person you are photographing as a noun, and what they are doing as a verb. In these terms, a photo of a person doing something becomes a complete "visual sentence."

This is a quote from the Photo Idea Index by Jim Krause from HOW books. It's billed as "Not your typical "how to" digital photography book. I completely agree. I've loved the entire series of idea index books, from layout index to color index. The photo idea index doesn't disappoint from the tradition established by this series.

The gist of the book is to get your creative juices flowing and not outright blantantly say "do this". If you are struggling with a photo concept or way to shoot something, just thumbing through the book sparks ideas like the passage above. On a recent shoot, this metaphor was in my mind and I was saying to myself while looking at the composition thinking, "what does this sentence say". Does it have a period? Exclamation?

So, spark your interest. Get this book. I highly recommend it.

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