Anatomy of a photograph concept

With my photos, I do my best work methodically and thought out beforehand. I plan a session in my head. I take these thoughts and write them down in a moleskin notebook whenever they come to me. Maybe it's during lunch, morning, anywhere really, I try to always keep one moleskin reporter with me at all times. released a new feature this year called BuyRequest. It allows graphic designers or art directors to request a photo to be produced that may not already exist in's collection. There was a request about a month ago for a shot of "a women being followed in a tunnel or some place secluded." I had planned to answer this request, but for a multitude of reasons, I didn't get the shot completed in time.

But I still had some concepts created for this, that I liked and thought about everytime I passed the location. I just HAD to produce them to stop thinking about them.

So, last night, armed with my new Alien Bee Vagabond Battery Pack power system and two Alien Bee 800s and two models from Ashely and Chris ) I got the shots I'd been looking for.

It was great to work with Ashley and Chris and I look forward to doing more work with them and the new equipment.

So, this is my secret, how I work. How I envision a concept and what the end result looks like. Not very "secret", but it's how I come up with work. Grab a pen and give it a shot for yourself. See if you can't pre-visuallize your next photoshoot.

(still shooting on Canon 10D. Canon 5D is still in transit. Photos have minor processing to them. Will probably get some rework before releasing them to my collection.)