Lensbaby 2.0 Review - Looking different.

The thing I always love about photography is taking a different view on the world around you. It's finding that way of looking at things that someone else has missed. If your standard collection of lenses has left you feeling blah, check out Lensbaby 2.0.

This lens is based on the view camera technique where you shift the plane of focus so it is no longer parallel to the camera sensor. This tilts the plane of focus and can produce some interesting effects.

I had a chance to play with a friends Lensbaby (original) last year on my Canon 10D and was not very impressed with it. It seemed like it was something that took some finesse and the results were hit or miss. Shortly thereafter, Lensbaby came out with lensbaby 2.0 with improved glass quality and magnetic aperture rings that hover in position (cool stuff). I had a few friends upgrade and they got some really interesting results with them. So, I decided to give it a shot.

Having used both, the new Lensbaby is much improved over the previous version. Leaps and bounds better! Focus is much more predictable with the 2.0. You can even get some tack sharp focus that you would expect from much pricier lenses.

Since updating to the 5D, it's even better to use. The larger viewfinder on the 5D allows for easier focus however one small glitch. You can't bend the lens too far. With the larger full frame sensor, you can get the lens into the shot if you push it a little too much.

I love the effects I get from mine and it has a permanent place in my bag and I plan to try it with nearly every shoot that I do. (after I get the shot out of the way that I wanted... Then it's time to play)