PhotoCast - Photography Podcast #004 - Finding Your Style

In this episode of's Photography Podcast, I try something new by recording on the road. I need to do something to get shows out on a more regular basis and maybe this system will help. Let me know your comments on what you think of the quality of it. I'm still "monkeying with microphone position" and such, but I think it just might be the trick!

This show, I talk about style and what I think about mine... and things I've realized thanks to the photo special of the PDN (Photo District News) magazine. I love PDN, it's a great magazine and by looking at the pics in this issue, I realize a little something about myself and give you an exercise to see if you can identify your photographic style. Knowing this, will help you develop your style to shoot pictures more to your tastes (I think, post here if it helps you at all.)


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