Photography Accessory or Fashion Trend: Sweatbands?!


I need to credit this ideas where it belongs. I was watching my contacts on flickr and saw that Mariano Friginal had an interesting style tip from a recent wedding shoot. He was wearing Sweatbands. You know, the type that tennis and other athletes use. At first, I thought it was for pure style, but a quick Flickrmail revealed the secret.

It turns out that Mariano has a similar problem that I have during shoots. Sweat. I get pretty warm when I'm shooting. I blame it on my brain from overworking… But I'm sure it might have "something" to do with the fact that I'm rather insulated, if you catch my meaning. (Ok, I'm overweight, there… I said it and now I feel better about that.)

So, I just picked up a pair for a shoot tonight. I'll be curious to see how they work. I could have used them for last night's outdoor shoot. It seemed like it was pretty warm while "working."


Aside from the forehead wipe technique, what could be better for wiping that LCD clean for cleaner viewing. I'd probably use a sweatband on the forehead too if I didn’t think I'd look like an 80's comeback.

So, what do you say, Shall we start a trend? Remember to credit Mariano Friginal with starting the trend. (We should open a Wikipedia entry for him and see how much of a cultural trend we can influence.)