Photographer Fired for Altering Colors

I just read in the PDNewswire email from PDN magazine that photographer, Patrick Schneider, was fired for adjusting a photo in the Charlotte Observer. The photo in question was a silhouette of a fireman with a bright orange sky.

I've read a number of stories where photojournalists have done editting in post-production and have changed the subject of an image, but I think the Charlotte Observer may have gone to far on this judgement call. (In my opinion).

I'd like to hear David Hobby's opinion from since he is a photographer with the Baltimore Sun and I'm a stock photographer. So, it's a different market then my images, most likely different rules.

Where does the line get drawn on this?
Can you not use an external flash off the camera because that alters reality of the image by changing the lighting of the scene?! Can you not use a filter that changes the effect of an image? That isn't the way things were at that actual moment.

To be fair, this isn't Patrick's first offense. It seems that the Charlotte Observer did suspend the photographer for this in the past, but I think that boosting colors to make them match the feeling of the time of exposure is not basis for dismisal.

What do you think on this one? Am I out of line on this?

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