Get the Maxim Look in your photos

Maxim photographers get some really interesting looks in their images. Have you ever wondered how to get them youself? I have kept this article as a reference and use many of the techniques learned in here to enhance images from a shoot.

How to shoot Maxim-Style
Behind The Scenes with Mike Brochu (available at

At one time it seemed like half the fashion shooters used a lens-mounted ring light as their key light. Think of the Maxim shot as the antithesis of the flat, super-soft images so popular in decades past.

Now... that's not right... I see a TON of RingLight shots in Maxim. Many photographers I've talked to commented on the "evil" lighting from the Ring Light. Chris Weeks said that a Ring Light is so 1990s at DeviantArt Summit last year. I liked the 1990s... LOL.

Oh well, one day I will shoot with a ring light and then I'll see if I hate it too.