ShutUp&Shoot - [ SUAS! ]

Yes, SUAS! It's the new mantra. A few of my photography friends and I were looking to inspire each other. So we have decided to convince each other to get off our butts and just shoot something already. We talked about a central site, or a flickr group or something to keep stuff localized. But the more we thought about it, it seemed best to use the power of our blogs to link these together.

What do you do?

Each 15th and End of the month will be the deadline for the SUAS topic assignment. Before the deadline is up, you should have shot and completed your assignment and posted it on your own blog and set a trackback to the SUAS main site.

Be sure to include the following as a caption for your image (in text, don't put it in the image itself)

[ SUAS ] Concept: Tell a story, subject of image is an item commonly found in the bedroom.  Deadline: Jan,31 2008
Photographer: YOUR NAME