6 Questions with Ed Hidden @ MyersonPhoto.com

As part of my "playing catch-up" on my blogging, I was interviewed by my co-istocker (and good friend) Ethan Myerson on his blog. Ethan has a great series going over there called 6 questions. As I know he is incredibly busy... I hope he can find the time to get some new blood on there. Because, if he doesn't I'm gonna intercept and run with the ball. (that would be totally touching floor.)

Ethan is a talented photographer in his own right and well worth taking a visit to see his work as well. He also knows his way around some of the more geeky technologies of the web. The kind of technologies he knows like the back of his hand leave me sitting in my chair starring at a blinking cursor muttering to myself trying to figure out the logic behind something not being equal to nothing.