The Ed Hidden Photography studio is a cozy place where I can work. My gear consists of mostly Alien Bee AB800 monolights. I also use an Alien Bee ABR800 Ringflash with moon unit reflector. There is also the testing grounds for the product reviews of so there is usually some miscellaneous gear around from time to time.
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The main studio space has some pull down seamless paper and one neutral muslin. There are also many little locations around in and out that offer some interesting backdrops. Below you'll find a small sampling of some of the looks achieved in this space.


If you have need of using a small space studio, I am making my space available in 2-hour blocks of time for $100 a session. If you feel you need a little assistance on set, I’m also available to work assistant for you as well. This is the perfect environment for photographers who have never worked in a studio setting and would like to start controlling their light more.