Learning about telling stories in your photography from other medium

I know this podcast is about video, but if you watch it and focus on it... it's about story telling. I think any of these podcasts can be valuable for photographers. We are telling stories too, we just tell them with different tools and artistic output.

Wedding photographers will especially love this "cast". But take the time to hit zacuto.com and check out their other series. Steve Weiss and Zacuto (aside from this great video series) also makes amazing video rigs for DSLR.

Another Unlikely Source of Wisdom
While we are talking about learning about story telling from other mediums. This book is an amazing addition to any creative professional's toolbox. People used to easily dismiss comics as kids stuff, but with the popularity of the modern comic book movies, I think that perception might be changing. Maybe it's cause comic book readers like myself that grew up with books like this are now the age of film makers, maybe it's just a marketable genre... who knows. But it's all about the story and this book covers how you can make the reader feel like they are in a theatrical setting, in just a few panels.

I read this one before I went to art school and I have reread it on a number of occassions. I may have to replace it because I lost track of one of the times I loaned it out. I'll buy it again one day. It's that good. (how many books would you buy twice?)