Snapseed for iPad

This is possibly my new favorite editor. A friend told me after I showed it to him that you don't need to be a pro photographer any longer.

Well, the images are really slick that come from the app, but the resolution and quality when transferred to a desktop aren't nearly what you would expect to see from Lightroom or a Pro.

I see this app as a test in the possible future of editing though. The way the interface works is very intuitive. Its really exciting to see how UX designers are coming up with new ways to connect users with their tools. It's almost the coolness features of a Wacom tablet with "minority report" style heads up controls. Ahhhh someday....

For the time being though, it's a fantastic way to easily prototype different styles and quickly and easily share images with drama and punch.
I recommend the app highly. It's very cool and a glimpse of more to come!