Moto & Photos

It's no surprise to people that know me that I love hopping on the motorcycle and going for a ride. It's even better when I can combine riding and photography. So, I've been looking forward to riding season getting here soon so I could get out/ride and shoot some photos. Last fall, I learned about Moto rallies. FuzzyGalore posted about her experience with The Void Rally and it sounded like a lot of fun.

This year I have a few "trips" on my agenda and was interested in checking out a rally perhaps. As luck would have it, The Pace Podcast just announced a virtual rally. It's the Equinox to Equinox Rally. So, you essentially have all riding season long to collect points.

So, how does a rally work? You sign up and get a placard. Then, simply go for a ride, find places listed on the "bonus list" and take a photo of your bike, placard and the bonus item and submit it. Pretty easy huh? And likely to get you to places you wouldn't always go to.

So I'm #0076.

I'll share some photos here that I collect. If you want to follow the rally, check out The PacePodcast website and the official Twitter hash tag.