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Got out for the first mountain bike ride of the year now that the weather is turning. Been working on the bikes and tweaking and just hoping that things will be rolling smooth. I've also been cross training pretty heavily and I'd have to say, the first ride of the year was better then any ride last year (fitness wise). So, I'm feeling good that this is the "starting point" for the year. That's exciting!

My riding buddy Jon wanted a new fb photo rocking his new gear and ride so I threw the LX-5 for a quick short photo loop before we were done for the day. 


In the vein of the previous post about finding your creative inspiration... I started reading a new e-Book on my kindle this weekend and in the introduction alone, I've already seen a couple videos in my head that I'd like to produce. Along the lines of today's photoshoot, it really gets me thinking about some photoshoots that I just HAVE to do this "outdoor season".

Finding Photography Inspiration On Two Wheels

When talking to people about inspiration and creativity in the many interviews we've heard on the LightSource Podcast from, one thing continues to pop up: "Shoot what you love."

Getting Ready

Recently, I've started bicycle commuting to work. I know... "why don't you wait till the hottest part of the year to start that, dummy!" It was only misserable the first ride, now that I have a few weeks under the belt it's much easier AND more fun. As usual, my internet surfing has shifted to cycling and bike commuting. I also browsed a little bit on Flickr in the bicycling group and stumbled on some great sites: Cycloangelo's tumblr micro-blog documenting fixies in NYC, Bike commuting, to name a few.

One that really captured my attention and instantly was added to my Google Reader feed was Gnat works for Salsa Bicycles by day and is a serious photography hobbyist. His blog blends his interest in cycling and photography really well and it's gotten me meditating on that original thought a little more. So, armed with my point & shoot camera I took a few shots on my commute the other evening.

I learned a few things:

  1. Shooting while riding is hard
  2. Gnat takes really great pics from the saddle
  3. Compact P&S camera... not a DSLR
  4. Pick your place you are shooting... don't do it in traffic!

I hope to drag a camera along on the group ride Thursday evening and we'll see what I snap then... as well as the Sunday mountain bike ride in York (any locals wanna join me?)



One of the reasons I ride to work... Glad I'm not there!



Chasing down some fellow commuter who doesn't even know he's in a race.


Riding my whip

My whip


A Reason to Shoot Myself

It isn’t as bad as it sounds… harmless fun (self-portraits that is...). turns 10 on April 7th and they are asking their members to submit a headshot to build a gallery of the people who helped make it what it is today. From the forum thread on the topic:

Faces of iStock
To kick it all off we're creating a massive online gallery and we need your help. We want to see everyone out there involved in the iStock world: all you photographers, designers, illustrators, photo-retouchers, scrapbookers, video editors, musicians, Flash coders, marketing execs, iStock Inspectors, Steel Cagers, Australians, forum hanger-outers - everybody. And yes, you’ll get to see what we all look like as well. 

So, I took the time and did a few self portraits of my own. I have a bunch of self-portrait headshots already, but why not take the opportunity to shoot a new quick one. But I had to do SOMETHING a little unique. I didn’t want to just do a “pretty face” pic. So, I used my motorcycle as a prop, and not just because I enjoy motorcycling, but because motorcycling is what caused me to adopt my online moniker: Motoed (pronounced: moto-Ed).

I narrowed the choice shots down to these few. I have a fav and my wife does as well. I’m curious to get the opinion of my audience as well. Which shots do you prefer? Add comments below, please.







[Travel Photography] DesertLypse

It’s been a while since I “lypsed” (is that really a word?). My last istock event was last summer in Toronto and I’m excited to be visiting some place new this time. My friend Ethan Myerson is putting on DesertLypse 4 in November and fortunately, I made it off the standby list.

This will be my first time to “the desert” region so it should be fun. I’ve been to Las Vegas on a previous trip, but I never made it off the strip. So it wasn’t much different then any city.

Time to get my thinking cap on and start visualizing what I’m capturing!

Old Hobbies Die Hard


I spent the majority of my life on two wheels. I started out on bicycles and then began riding motorcycles at a young age. Shortly there after, I got into flat track racing. I did that for a number of years and even made it to the expert pro level. Although I was never a major threat, I enjoyed my years racing and have applied a lot of those skills to life in general.

Turn One Action

After I stopped racing, I rode for a number of years before giving it up completely and became obsessed with bicycling (still, two wheels though.) Like the old adage, what's old is new again, I'm riding again.

Where did the renewed interest come from? Hard to say, possibly many things. Fuel prices are one and the economical advantages of a motorcycle. The show American Choppers is probably another. Probably most recently was on my trip to Photoshop World Miami. I met Lesa King-Snider from the She and her husband had just gotten into motorcycling and have a podcast called Your Bike Life. I recounted to her my many stories of riding and racing and I'm sure I bored her ear off. All these things probably piled up on one another and I thought... "I'd like to get a bike again."

Fathers Day Ride 10

Father's Day, I struggled for a gift for my Dad. I decided last minute that we should just get up bright and early (a hardship for me) and go for a nice long ride and we'd stop somewhere and buy him breakfast. It doesn't seem like much, but he later told me it was probably the nicest Father's Day gift he had ever gotten (or at least meant the most to him in recent memory.) Afterward, he decided that I needed a bike and found a vintage Honda Gold Wing on eBay and picked it up for me. I've been doing much more riding now. We even did a trip to Ohio to watch a Flat Track Race. It was overall 1200 miles and half of it was in the rain. Some of that was VERY heavy rain.


It's kind of funny, in the last 3 weeks I've probably ridden 4 different motorcycles; Gold Wings, new and old, Honda VTX 1800 and Harley Davidson Dyna Low-Rider. I find I really like the cruiser style these days. Probably goes back to American Chopper. But I'm not the "speed quest" king that I was when I was younger. I'm more about style and function now. What really shocked me was the Harley... I'd long since put down Harleys saying they were based on old technology. While that may be somewhat true. The attention to detail is very nice. I even liked the ride, power and feel of the bike, but after the first corner and dragging the pipes, I realized this was not a bike for me (besides, I would never be able to submit a photo to istock with that bike in a picture.)

So, for now, I'll be racking up the miles on the new Vintage Gold Wing. Taking it on shoots. Putting it in photoshoots. And getting back to old habits.

Gold Wing 03

"That's my boy"

I tend to keep my blog on topic of my professional life, but last night I had a "that's my boy" moment that I felt compelled to share.

I was at the bike shop with my son, fitting him for a new bike for his birthday. My riding buddy ended up being there as well and as usual, we started chatting and dreaming of new bikes we "need". We go to this shop quite often so we know the guys there pretty well. So my friend, Jon was asking the guy how much certain bikes were… and after a while (when he realized we were just tire kicking) he just told us, "I don’t know all the prices, I work in the back." After a few more pricing questions, he laughed and teased us "I don't work out here…"

Later, my friend tells me, I should get this one bike, because it's a great bargain. The guy at the shop says, "no, you want a bargain, that one over there has all the bells and whistles for only $1800. That's a bargain." At that point, my 5year old Kyle, looks at him and says, "I thought you didn't work here."

For any isckers who met me in Vegas would probably say, "yep, a chip off the old block!"

Up Next... A Look Back

I thought I’d do something a little unorthodox with my first post, especially since there isn’t much of a history on this site yet. I’m doing a year in review for 2004. I’m hoping this will give you a little intro to who I am and what I do.

This isn’t my first time publishing online. I have been publishing KeystoneBiking for about 7 years now and I’ve worked in the design field for almost 15 years. I’m currently employed as a web designer and my hobby/freelance in the “off hours�? is a photographer.

I enjoy spending time on where I’m a photo inspector. I’m part of the team that reviews each image submitted to the site where we review it for any technical defects and that all the information is correct. It’s a never ending task, but it’s fun seeing all the new stuff that people submit. Plus you get the satisfaction of helping out.
In the spring, I got inspired by a fellow cyclist to start commuting to work by bicycle and I kept it up for a good while. It was fun and it was a great source of writing and inspiration (and it helped increase my fitness for cycling.)
I went to the US Pro Championships and photographed the event. I've been working on marketing some of those images and look forward to do more in that avenue in 2005.

In the Fall, I shot a couple of the local Cyclocross races. I really enjoy the 'cross season. The action is contained in a small area that is great for spectators and the racing is fierce. The short events call for the riders to ride full throttle for the entire duration.

I shot the Ironmasters 'Cross race too. This unique race is the countries longest 'cross race being that it's a single loop 62 mile course. The riders were really feeling this one. I was glad to be shooting the event and not riding it!
And then to wrap up my riding season for 2004, I injured my shoulder in a road bike accident. So, I was off the bike for at least a month. In that time, I didn't do much shooting either. Now it's winter and I'm working on doing more photo work inside. I'll be posting more about those particular evenings and tips I find as I continue with this