Some more film processed photos from WV trip

A new collection of photos from the DSLR from the Motorcycle camping overnight I did with Kyle from FairingEast into West Virginia. 

GoPro: Photo Mode.

Playing more and more with the GoPro, this time in photo mode. It's a little limiting... but still fun. Lighting is the big issue I'm finding right now. In heavily wooded shots, you'll see below that it leaves the shutter open a long time. It can be cool, but you'll get a lot of 'throw away' shots if the terrain is rough... which it is for mountain biking.

I am contemplating a 3D housing and not link the two cameras together, just set one on photo and the other on video. That would be interesting. Anyone try that one?

Anyway, on to the images. That's probably why you are here anyway.

Desertlypse IV - HDR (sorta) Sunset


I missed posting this pic to the previous thread. This is an HDR shot of sorts. It's two shots on a tripod, layered and blended with a layer mask. It was the only way I could retain the richness of the sky and the detail of the foreground. Luckily, the composition was pretty straight forward and let me do this pretty easily. Not much to get in the way of the lens out in Arizona.

Halloween Pumpkin Pics

We carved our pumpkins the other night and set them out for Halloween. We did a pretty good job this year so we needed to capture some pics of them. Instead of getting out a bunch of lights and trying to do a big photo shoot of them... I decided to grab two flashlights and me and my 9 year old started playing around with some light painting techniques.

Radio Poppers JrX Studio Review and Samples [success]

I've debated for a while now on what solution I've wanted to do for "wireless flash triggering". I have always put off the cost of Pocket Wizards because the cost was always too steep and quite frankly, I never took a shot that I COULDN'T take with my sync cord. I seriously debated about the new Pocket Wizards, but my Strobist-style speedlight (that sees little use) is a 550EX and doesn't support E-TTL. To take full advantage of these, I'd need to really upgrade my flash and possible add additional speedlights as well as additional PWs. After my eyes glazed over at the dollar signs, I really took a hard look at the Radio Poppers JrX Studio units.

Why I chose Radio Poppers?
I mostly shoot with Alien Bees, and these little guys pop right into the data jack and provide remote power control. Bonus! Even better, future accessories promise this functionality will work with speedlights too (think manual mode power adjustment though, but I'm OK with that!) Throw in that the price of a set of Radio Poppers JrX Studios are less then cost of a single Pocket Wizard, I was sold.

Performance so far is great. Build quality doesn't feel QUITE as finished as the more expensive PWs, but it also doesn't feel cheap and flimsy either. Other cheaper units I had worked with had lots of misfires, but I have not had a single failed flash fire.

On Location
On a recent shoot (below and above) I gave them a shot out in the wild. A friend is having a retro space themed birthday party (after all, it is close to Halloween) and asked if I could take a picture of them in their costumes for a cake. I'm not sure they were quite aware what they were getting themselves into. I think they were thinking of just a photo with a good camera, all in focus and reasonably lit. In the day I had to think about it, the idea engine kicked in. When they showed up, I loaded them up in my car and took them to a house in our neighborhood under construction and with a large hill still being excavated. After telling them my plan, they got dressed up in costume and we hauled my Alien Bees (appropriately named for a space theme shoot) and battery up the hill. We setup the scene on top and I went down to the bottom of the ledge and directed from below.


The Radio Poppers performed flawlessly and at one point while chimping, I noticed my exposure was too hot. Instinctively, I headed up the hill, and then thought about how to direct the model up on top to adjust the light dial and then I remembered... I had control of my light output on top of my camera now. Very convenient and easy! I was really pleased with how simple it was and wondered how I had dealt with something as trivial as walking over to the light to adjust the output. Then it really hit me, it was always because I shot in a small space and the lights were pretty accessible. However, had I not bought the poppers, I'd never have been able to make this shot, at least not without heavy contingency planning. My sync cable would not have reached the location I was shooting from.

I'm looking forward to trying them with speedlights now and doing portable setups. It's amazing how a little gadget can juice up your creativity! Radio Poppers are “out of this world”.


Strobist Info for the above shots.
Two Alien Bees, one for the "bank" and one for the models. Each had a 7in reflector. (in the diagram below, the bricks are for the "edge" of the bank they were standing on. I was below them and about 20ft away.