Stylish Slow Ride during Muralfest

The stylish slow ride in Harrisburg gathered together a group of colorful characters. Muralfest is a two week project of 10 murals in the city.

Mudhook Pint Night Ride

Mudhook Brewing and Gung-Ho bicycles hosts a pint night ride in York. It's a fun social/conversational pace. It's not long... a 13ish mile ride that starts after work and meanders side streets down into York for a beer and food stop at Mudhook Brewing. They pick up the first pint and chill and enjoy company and good food and beer.

With full bellies, we head back out to the parking garage and ride to the top for sunset. After the photo opps, we spiral back down and up through the city to the north extension of the rail trail and then back through neighborhoods with blinkie tail lights and headlights blazing the way home.

During good weather, rides are every other week on Wednesday. Contact Gung-Ho or visit the Gung-Ho Community on facebook for details of upcoming rides.

Uploaded by Ed Hidden on 2016-06-01.


I had the opportunity to jump on a team for this years race. We were a 4 person team... 2 rookies who've ridden for years but little racing and 2 experts who seem to live on their bikes. It was a pleasure to get to know Amy and Vaugh. They were great people willing to share, help and just have a good time! Follow their adventures on facebook!

As usual, I brought the camera along and snapped a few shots while recovering and preparing for my lap and I've put up a few galleries.

And as I was digging around I found some additional images to share.

Can't wait for the next #IIOGRELAY!

GoPro: Photo Mode.

Playing more and more with the GoPro, this time in photo mode. It's a little limiting... but still fun. Lighting is the big issue I'm finding right now. In heavily wooded shots, you'll see below that it leaves the shutter open a long time. It can be cool, but you'll get a lot of 'throw away' shots if the terrain is rough... which it is for mountain biking.

I am contemplating a 3D housing and not link the two cameras together, just set one on photo and the other on video. That would be interesting. Anyone try that one?

Anyway, on to the images. That's probably why you are here anyway.

Motorcycle photography

As riding season is JUST around the corner, I have been reviewing some cycle photos I'd taken last fall. It was reading a blog this evening about a blogger who went to the Ephrata "first Sunday" ride today. Brrr. Seems people are really hardcore. Great to see that!

These are my shots I captured last all on a "guys say out"... Me, my boys, and my Dad (and friends). That was a fun day. More to come this year I'm sure.

Two Wheeled 2012

It seems a little odd to be talking about New Years Resolutions in March but this one is starting to take root. Yeah, I committed to losing weight and getting healthier... Like everybody else. And I'm actually making progress with those. The other resolution I planned on was spending as much of 2012 on two wheels as I can. Over this winter, my mechanic (Dad) hooked me up. He installed a set of saddlebags on my 1978 Gold Wing and I'm not ready for some touring rides. (below)

To keep with the resolution, I've ridden to work a few times already. Hard to believe... Riding to work in February. Pretty cool.

Inspired By Passion

I love all sorts of cycling photography. It’s such a simple, elegant machine. One guy that inspires me is Cycleangelo (great moniker!... what else would you call a cycling artist?) He has a great site and a couple really cool series of images he’s worked on over the years. I’ve always loved his “bike portrait” series. . (anyone know how he gets some of these bikes to seemingly stand on their own? Photoshop? Magic?)

This series inspired me to capture a similar portrait of my new ride (profile, drive side, captured in the location where it’s ridden.) I realize it’s far from a fixie (3x10) but hopefully Cycleangelo would approve ;-)

"I'll miss ya, Old Blue"

I was out riding the mountain bikes with friends and I tossed the LX-5 in the CamelBak figuring I might capture some cool shots at Rattling Creek Single Trackers amazing trail network up in Weiser State Forest in South Central PA. The ride did not turn out so well. I started off with a nasty "ting" sound and finally diagnosed a busted frame. Sadly, it was terminal. I'll miss that old bike.

I did manage to capture a few shots in one of the tougher boulder fields though. I hope that enjoys one of the bikes featured here ;-)




Bicycle commuting begins - Outdoor photography season close behind

Today was the day I'd been hoping for for a few weeks now. Bicycle Commuting Season officially opened today. The weather was nice. Actually it was downright warm this evening. The ride to work was a little interesting, I broke a spoke on a fast descent. The wheel wasn't TOO bad out of true to ride it. It did slow my pace to make sure it was stable though. A quick stop at the bike shop on the way home for a spoke and trued wheel fixed it all up though. (see missing spoke pictured above)

This also makes me feel smile that it's going to be outdoor photo session time. The trees still have the winter bare limbs and the grass isn't quite as green as my saturation slider makes it look... but we are getting there.

It was also a good day to do some scouting with the LX-5 today on the ride for an editorial shoot I want to do showcasing Harrisburg. I think I'm going to be focusing on Riverfront park for my project because it falls in line with my fitness interests of late. It's an attractive location (just not yet... still wintery looking.) 

I'm also testing my Eye-Fi card in my LX-5 and I'm waiting for the announced "direct mode" feature they announced at CES. This would have let me port these images from my LX-5 direct to my iPhone while on the trail without needing a WiFi hotspot and then I could have social shared them right away.

For the photo above, I had a little fun with the processing. I took the LX-5 RAW file into Lightroom and did some basic exposure adjustments and a "little" creative settings. Nothing major. Then I ported those JPGs back into my iPhone and used the app Diptic for the layout (cool little app for multi-panel images). That image was then imported into Instagram for some final finesse and sharing to my flickr feed, facebook wall and twitter. It's a fun little experiment to see what all you can do with iPhone apps when you are using a little better source material then my iPhone 3G camera.

Let me know what you think. Drop me a comment.

LX-5 With Off Camera Flash

I was playing around with the new portable camera and I'm really loving having something portable with me at all times. Playing is fun. I got the idea to stick my Radio Poppers on the hot shoe and see what it can do and I learned something really interesting that bears more testing. I started cranking down the shutter speed and I learned that the flash was syncing with the exposure. The power was dropping, but I need to try boosting the flash output. But, I'm finding... that because the LX-5 lacks a physical shutter (much like the micro 4/3rds cameras like the GF-1) that you don't get the half exposed image. Looking forward to playing more with this effect in more situations, but if anyone has experience with this or if I'm completely off base, drop me a comment.

In the meantime, here's a playing around pic.

Finding Photography Inspiration On Two Wheels

When talking to people about inspiration and creativity in the many interviews we've heard on the LightSource Podcast from, one thing continues to pop up: "Shoot what you love."

Getting Ready

Recently, I've started bicycle commuting to work. I know... "why don't you wait till the hottest part of the year to start that, dummy!" It was only misserable the first ride, now that I have a few weeks under the belt it's much easier AND more fun. As usual, my internet surfing has shifted to cycling and bike commuting. I also browsed a little bit on Flickr in the bicycling group and stumbled on some great sites: Cycloangelo's tumblr micro-blog documenting fixies in NYC, Bike commuting, to name a few.

One that really captured my attention and instantly was added to my Google Reader feed was Gnat works for Salsa Bicycles by day and is a serious photography hobbyist. His blog blends his interest in cycling and photography really well and it's gotten me meditating on that original thought a little more. So, armed with my point & shoot camera I took a few shots on my commute the other evening.

I learned a few things:

  1. Shooting while riding is hard
  2. Gnat takes really great pics from the saddle
  3. Compact P&S camera... not a DSLR
  4. Pick your place you are shooting... don't do it in traffic!

I hope to drag a camera along on the group ride Thursday evening and we'll see what I snap then... as well as the Sunday mountain bike ride in York (any locals wanna join me?)



One of the reasons I ride to work... Glad I'm not there!



Chasing down some fellow commuter who doesn't even know he's in a race.


Riding my whip

My whip