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Canon rumors (put the brakes on the upgrade)

With my recent postings, I’ve been hungry for any sort of details of a new camera that might be coming from Canon. I don’t follow Canon Rumors very much, but was just poking around and saw this info.

5D Mark III
I received 2 different announcement dates. September timeframe and in the 28mp range from a decent source and 30mp and June from an unknown source.

28mp? Sweet. I can’t wait to see what video details they’d put in that camera. With the success of the 5D Mark II, I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t raise the bar with video in an SLR.

If Canon is listening, I’d love to have two card slots like the D7000 has with the ability to split up what gets saved where.

And while I’m requesting stuff, Can Eye-Fi figure out a way to send a photo direct from the card to my iPhone (without being on a WiFi network.)

I don’t know what to make of this rumor… but I have to say. I’m willing to be patient this year and just shoot more stills and Low-Fi HD Video. Maybe I’ll work on upgrading that lens and flash, while I’m waiting on Canon to make their announcement.