You sir, are a traitor!

I was playing with some new gear we got for work [Nikon D7000] and I'm really impressed. For a Canon guy, I could see myself owning that camera. Video is really cool on it and I haven't taken a bad picture yet.

Stepping back from the brand issues for a moment, I have to analyze it and say, "what is different with this kit from my camera gear?" I think I'd have to say that it would be glass. I have taken the "third party" route when I was buying lenses when I got started. But, I wasn't making a decent income with it at the time, so the really good glass was hard to justify. And it's worked "reasonably well" so I haven't really been compelled to replace it.

I'm now at the point where my main lenses are seeing some wear... My speedlites are several generations old and my tech isn't really relevant anymore.

Does it sound like I'm considering switching camera camps?

It's hard to say. When I invested in Canon, it was because it was the current tech. Nikon was playing catch up then. Now the field is a bit more even. If I had my choice, I'd probably elect for a Canon 5D MkIII (Yes, I'm aware that it doesn't exist yet... that we are aware of. And the best rumors place that at fall.) Either way, when I do an upgrade, I'm probably looking at some new glass as well. Something more durable, with better quality lenses in it.

I think that might be the biggest thing I've become so impressed with this Nikon D7000. It's a better grade lens then the model I'm currently using. Maybe I just need a new lens to make my old 5D Mk I feel new again. (but I really love DSLR video now. lol.)