Beercation (Craft Beer Brewery Visits)

We've enjoyed craft beer and home brewing during our travels. It's always cool seeing new places and try things unique to an area. We managed to visit a few breweries on our recent trip to Atlanta. We even snuck in a trip to Fullsteam when we were passing through Durham (after seeing them on a recent Brew Dogs TV show.)

Miss Pennsylvania Plus America - Model Portfolio

I wrapped up a portfolio for Katy who is Miss Pennsylvania Plus America and moving on to the national competition. Wish her the best of luck.

New River Bridge Gorge Ride West Virginia Overnight Moto Ride

Saw this in Road Runner Travel magazine and think this would be exciting. I hate heights but I think I'd be able to man up and do this:

Ride would meander through the gorgeous roads of West Virginia and end somewhere around here. Hotel or possibly camping lodging is available for the overnight.

Ride to Victor, WV
Find hotel (or camping if people prefer).
8hr riding.

Get up and do the Bridgewalk

Cost: $69.00
Tour Dates: Daily*
Length: 2-3 Hours
Distance: 1.25 miles
Reservations Required: Yes Call: 1-304-574-1300

After, we head part of the way home through interesting route (tbd)
Find lodging mid-way home.

Ride rest of way home.

So Who's In? Comment below.

Motorcycle Trip - Day Route: Harrisburg to Philly Loop 1

I'm starting a new category on this blog. I want to capture some proposed motorcycle routes that I hope to take... interest some others to join me... and remind myself of where I want to go. Each trip will include something interesting to see or photography.

This route includes a stop at Round Guys Brewing and Weyerbacher because I'd love to visit both places and can connect them in a loop. I've done the starting out portion when riding to biker breakfast in Ephrata and the last portion when riding the Schuylkill Haven poke runs and love those two portions. Lots of country roads with relaxing scenic landscapes.

Comment if you'd like to join me. This one may happen in July 2014?

GoPro - The Color Run in Baltimore

My son took control of the GoPro video duties for the Color Run in Baltimore that my wife had run with some friends while I focused on shooting photos for them. I had him sit down with me during the edit and guided him through it, but he made most of the edit choices. I think he did a pretty solid job! Hopefully it conveys the fun of the event.

Go #KatPack

I'm a big fan of the voice this year. The talent is amazing and probably a little more selfishly, one of the contestants is someone who modeled for us at the RalieghLypse istock event about a year ago. I had the good fortune of meeting Kat at that event.  

While watching the show tonight, I took a moment to revisit what I may have "left on the cutting room floor". Thanks again Kat... It was great to meet you and Guillaume. You guys are a great couple. All the best! Hope you win.

Riding on my mind

"Riding on my mind" - Playing with an idea I'm working on... Thought I'd share the idea because I will likely be enlisting the help of some local friends to collaborate on this. Hit me up if you like where this is headed and want to help.

RIding on my mind.jpg

Some more film processed photos from WV trip

A new collection of photos from the DSLR from the Motorcycle camping overnight I did with Kyle from FairingEast into West Virginia. 

"Would you please have fun on your photoshoots?

Truer words were never spoken about a photoshoot. I heard this on episode 104 of The Grid podcast with guest Peter Hurley. I love a photo critique episode and I really appreciated that the audience seemed to take exception with some of Peter's comments. But he was spot on. Expression and emotion of a photo will always trump technical perfection.

RC chimed in with an old standby quote that I believe is attributed to Jay Maysel (but it's possible i'm wrong), "There is nothing worse than a sharp photo of a fuzzy idea." And that is absolutely true. Art (& Photography) should say something.

I was curious how my photos would hold up to this critique. So I reviewed my portfolio at the top of this site. I think my images would hold up to the scrutiny. And the more Peter spoke, the more I realized I share a lot of the same ideas... if not outwardly consciously about it. On my shoots, I like to have fun. When he said that, It struck me how many photographers on our podcast (LightSource, on a long hiatus... lol) said just that.

If you can't get the person in front of the lens to connect with the person behind the lens... they won't connect with the person looking at the photo.

Forget technical excellence... Just make more interesting stuff. ;-)


GoPro: Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails [Family Bike Ride]

While we prepare for our family's Boy Scout troop ride coming up, we have been riding much more. So, we headed out on a little tour of the Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails starting in Colebrook and riding through Gretna and back. As usually, we ran the GoPro cameras again. These are a few snaps from the photo mode segment. I'll put together a video from the various rides in a little.