A project in my senior year of art school was a self portrait illustration, of an open poker hand with my face dimensional popping out of the "jack" and the caption read, "Ed Hidden, Jack of All Trades". Sure it was Cliché, but I'll chalk it up to still being a teen.

I must have been insightful to my career because, I've tried to stay true to that cheesy metaphor over the years. I've been a paste-up artist, technical illustrator, multimedia artist, animator, online video editor, art director and currently, a web designer and photographer.

So, just who is this multifaceted person?

Ed Hidden is a graphic designer, photographer, code-monkey, blogger, cubicle dweller and motorcyclist (often referred to by his online moniker: MotoEd). While interested in photography for about half his life, he focused on it as a career 4 years ago. Primarily the goal is shooting stock photography, but has been known to shoot some wheeled sporting events, portraits and anything that tells a story. Here Ed's blog and commentary at EdHidden.com (blog and podcast) and at StudioLighting.net (LightSource Podcast)