2015 Hibrewnation Beer Fest in Harrisburg

Hibrewnation is a great beerfest. It's held at the Harrisburg Farm Show so a cab right to a friends house is reasonably priced (and highly recommended!) We sampled an incredible amount of beer from special timed releases during the VIP 2hr window ahead of time. I suggest doing that if you plan to go because you get access to beers you won't see during the normal hours and with the added time, you can pace yourself more easily and don't feel rushed to sample everything to quickly and can actually enjoy the different flavors.

It's a good time and a few more locations are on tap for the winter in York and Gettysburg. Keep an eye out.

And even better, I met some colorful characters along the way... some of them I brought along. ;-)  Thank you friends for a great day of hanging out, chatting and joking around. That's what I remember most about the day. Good times with good friends. (and the secret to a happy life!)