GoPro: Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails [Family Bike Ride]

While we prepare for our family's Boy Scout troop ride coming up, we have been riding much more. So, we headed out on a little tour of the Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails starting in Colebrook and riding through Gretna and back. As usually, we ran the GoPro cameras again. These are a few snaps from the photo mode segment. I'll put together a video from the various rides in a little.


GoPro 3 Black Edition Exposure Concerns

Maybe I need to spend more time in the menu system of my GoPro 3. I haven't used it a lot lately and it's been a bit of a "point and pray" camera. I've gotten some images I really like from it... But not without some post processing. While I'm ok with that, I'd love to get the overall images "out of camera" a little better.

I realize that the shooting conditions I'm in are a bit tough to get a good shot when you have a camera on manual and time to analyze and "figure out the shot" so I guess a camera attached to the bar grabbing a shot every 2 or 5 seconds (forget where I set it) isn't really doing all that bad of a job. Most shots are a bit under exposed while under tree cover.

Anybody else experience this with the GoPro 3 while getting started with it?

(Small inset photos are RAW and the larger zoom is post processed.)

**** Update ****

I found a few articles and tested this out a little bit with my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Timelapse capture settings of .5 sec and 1 sec will calculate exposure on the first frame and then lock exposure. Capture settings of 2 sec and longer will auto expose each frame. I could be wrong, but I haven't seen this documented anywhere then forums.


GoPro: Photo Mode.

Playing more and more with the GoPro, this time in photo mode. It's a little limiting... but still fun. Lighting is the big issue I'm finding right now. In heavily wooded shots, you'll see below that it leaves the shutter open a long time. It can be cool, but you'll get a lot of 'throw away' shots if the terrain is rough... which it is for mountain biking.

I am contemplating a 3D housing and not link the two cameras together, just set one on photo and the other on video. That would be interesting. Anyone try that one?

Anyway, on to the images. That's probably why you are here anyway.

Kayaking in OBX (with a GoPro

More summer sharing. Yes, if it seems like I've been mostly shooting video and not photography it is because I have. I've always enjoyed working in the video realm and now that tools are more available to a cheaper price points to be able to do exciting stuff at home. I've been playing.

This was just a simple edit with trip from our Kayak trip with Outer Banks Kayak Tours. It was a nice tour, very informative.. learned a lot and had fun. I reccomend them if you visit the OBX. Video edited while on vacation using my iPad and iMovie.

More GoPro summer fun

As the summer kicks into full effect, it is action sports time once again. And since a good photographer “shoots what he loves”, I’m back into the sports shooting scene again. Actually, It is more sports “video” currently with the GoPro Hero action camera.

I’ve loved this little camera and I’ve been using it quite a lot lately. I’ve been taking it kayaking at the Outer Banks (NC) and even hauled it out into the surf with my son playing around at the beach and set it into photo mode.

I’ve posted a few recent kayak trip videos and today is no different. This particular video was shot at 720p60 and interpreted the footage down to 30fps to get a natural smooth motion slo-mo effect. It really helped enhance the relaxing mood of floating along the Yellow Breeches creek here in south central PA.

Next up… more bicycling and more motorcycling videos/photos. The biggest downfall of owning a GoPro is the frantic neuroses of where do you mount the camera next. There must be an actual name for it condition (add a comment if you have a suggestion and we’ll coin the phrase.)

Kayak Trip (with Friends) from Ed Hidden on Vimeo.

GoPro: Family Kayak Trip

We took our first family kayaking trip (our new hobby). I quickly mounted a few mounts for my GoPro on the bow of my new boat and let it roll while we put in the water. I need to grab more b-roll footage and see what else I can do, but here is a fresh clip editted with iMovie on the iPad. (yes, you can directly import and edit GoPro video footage on your iPad.)