2018 Harrisburg Bicycle Club: Searsucker and Lace Bike Ride

Well, normally I see the photos of this event after I can't make it. This year I was fortunate enough to get a few hour heads up that it was going on. So I loaded up the car and the camera and spent another afternoon on the bicycle touring the murals of harrisburg with the harrisburg bicycle club.

Stylish Slow Ride during Muralfest

The stylish slow ride in Harrisburg gathered together a group of colorful characters. Muralfest is a two week project of 10 murals in the city.

Photo Studio Available in Harrisburg?

Earlier this year I decided not to renew my studio space. It was a tough call, but I really couldn’t justify at this time. It turns out it has been a good thing for me. It’s been the type of thing that juices your creativity a bit. You have to come up with creative solutions to pull off the shoots. So, I’ve been shooting more locations or outdoor shoots.

As I head into winter, I’m wishing I had a nice space that I could just close the door on and do some work. Finding a photography studio for rent in the Harrisburg area is a little bit of a task though. If only I could hit the lottery and I could buy my own commercial real estate and make that “daydream” I’ve always thought about happen.

Solution Options

1) I’m hoping that someone will stumble on this post and leave a comment of a space that is available to rent for a short term basis to shoot in. It can be a day rate or week/month rate.

2) Create an artistic group that combine resources to retain a photo studio space that “members” can schedule time for use. I think a group of as small as 4 Harrisburg Area Photographers could even make this option easily financially viable.