2016 Florida National High Adventure Sea Base

Out Island Adventure Details

Big Munson Island, with more than a hundred acres of high hardwood hammock fringed in lush mangroves, is much like it was when pirates arrived in the 1800s. The abundant vegetation is the home of the endangered Key deer and Key Vaca raccoon, both of which wander in and out of campsites at will.

 You will start your weeklong “Survivor”-like experience (sorry, no voting anyone off the island) at the Brinton Environmental Center, located at mile marker 23.8. You will travel from the Brinton Center to Big Munson Island with all your gear via Polynesian war canoes (your food is delivered by powerboat). Because this is a primitive camping experience, don’t expect white sandy beaches and native girls! You will have to wade all of your food, water, and equipment ashore to your campsite.

 Your week will consist of fishing for grouper, barracuda, mahi-mahi, and sharks. You will experience some of the finest snorkeling in the Keys on North America’s only living coral reef. There is also ample time to explore the island on foot or mingle in the mangroves on small kayaks.

 Your island mate is with you for the entire adventure, helping you explore and enjoy the flora and fauna of the island as well as the spectacular underwater wilderness that begins just yards from your tent. Imagine yourself camped under the canopy of gumbo-limbo trees. You can’t do that anywhere else in the United States! If your crew has strong camping skills and enjoys challenges, the Out Island program is for you. 

Lottery Deadline:  Feb 10th Meeting (Money is not required, just indication of intent)

 Requirements to attend:

  • 14 years old (or 13 and finished 8th grade at the time of the trip)
  • Pass Scout Swim Test
  • Complete Scout medical form


$835 for the week per person plus travel
(previous similar trips were about $200 for airfare and $90, consider $1200 for total expense as airfare rates change often.)

If you are interested, please sign up for your interest so we can build a crew to attend. We need to fill a crew of 6-8 people (two of which must be adult leaders, one of those must be 21+) to be able to submit to the lottery closing next week.

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Preview Out Island Adventure here.