2018 Harrisburg Bicycle Club: Searsucker and Lace Bike Ride

Well, normally I see the photos of this event after I can't make it. This year I was fortunate enough to get a few hour heads up that it was going on. So I loaded up the car and the camera and spent another afternoon on the bicycle touring the murals of harrisburg with the harrisburg bicycle club.

I was reviewing the blog and found in 2014 I had blogged about the new Fuji X-T1 and was looking forward to getting it. Well, I never got it. I had been using the Canon 5D Mk I to get every last bit of life out of it. 12 years is quite a long time to use a DSLR. Now that Fuji announced the newest release, the X-H1, I decided it was time to pull the plug. 

I'm blown away with the advancements in camera tech in that time. There is quite a lot of new features to understand. It's like learning a new language. So far, I'm incredibly pleased with the images from the new camera.


Inktober 2017 - Cycling

it's been a little while since I focused on illustration so much. After picking up an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, I dedicated to the inkotober challenge created by Jake Parker. Inktober is where you do a pen and ink illustration each day during October. His intention was to get artists used to concentrating on the analog world and allowing yourself to be committed to the strokes you put on the paper. I decided to take the month removing color and learning to use the new tools. Procreate was my app of choice. I'm amazed at the power in this affordable app. 

Stylish Slow Ride during Muralfest

The stylish slow ride in Harrisburg gathered together a group of colorful characters. Muralfest is a two week project of 10 murals in the city.

Mudhook Pint Night Ride

Mudhook Brewing and Gung-Ho bicycles hosts a pint night ride in York. It's a fun social/conversational pace. It's not long... a 13ish mile ride that starts after work and meanders side streets down into York for a beer and food stop at Mudhook Brewing. They pick up the first pint and chill and enjoy company and good food and beer.

With full bellies, we head back out to the parking garage and ride to the top for sunset. After the photo opps, we spiral back down and up through the city to the north extension of the rail trail and then back through neighborhoods with blinkie tail lights and headlights blazing the way home.

During good weather, rides are every other week on Wednesday. Contact Gung-Ho or visit the Gung-Ho Community on facebook for details of upcoming rides.

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River City Pinball League in Harrisburg

This week I joined a Pinball League at River City Blues and Darts club. It was a lot of fun. I have a bit to learn about the game. My friend Katy was kind enough to grab some pretty cool shots while we were playing.

2015 Hibrewnation Beer Fest in Harrisburg

Hibrewnation is a great beerfest. It's held at the Harrisburg Farm Show so a cab right to a friends house is reasonably priced (and highly recommended!) We sampled an incredible amount of beer from special timed releases during the VIP 2hr window ahead of time. I suggest doing that if you plan to go because you get access to beers you won't see during the normal hours and with the added time, you can pace yourself more easily and don't feel rushed to sample everything to quickly and can actually enjoy the different flavors.

It's a good time and a few more locations are on tap for the winter in York and Gettysburg. Keep an eye out.

And even better, I met some colorful characters along the way... some of them I brought along. ;-)  Thank you friends for a great day of hanging out, chatting and joking around. That's what I remember most about the day. Good times with good friends. (and the secret to a happy life!)


I had the opportunity to jump on a team for this years race. We were a 4 person team... 2 rookies who've ridden for years but little racing and 2 experts who seem to live on their bikes. It was a pleasure to get to know Amy and Vaugh. They were great people willing to share, help and just have a good time! Follow their adventures on facebook!

As usual, I brought the camera along and snapped a few shots while recovering and preparing for my lap and I've put up a few galleries.

And as I was digging around I found some additional images to share.

Can't wait for the next #IIOGRELAY!

Drop in on Crystal Ball Brewing in York.

We had the opportunity to try Crystal Ball Brewing at the Hibrewnation Brew Fest and loved their Tripel and Coconut Porter. So, since they are close by in York,  we dropped in. Cool operation. The brew masters took the time to show us around. If you get a chance, drop in and take a growler. Just don't expect a glamorous tasting room, it's standing room only, but the beer is good. They even have an oatmeal stout with smoked bacon on right now.

Beercation - PA Winter 2015

Here's a little taste of our recent brewery visit to the outer philly area. We enjoyed Free Will brewing at a recent festival and decided it was time to drop in and say hi. We managed to make there JUST in time to join a tour of the brewery. Sadly, it was a person who doesn't typically give tours, but the operation was really interesting to see. Lots of low ceiling basements. Interesting to see what someone can do when they have to make stuff work when conditions aren't optimal. They are moving the brewhouse upstairs shortly and it will be interesting to pay a visit in a year and see how it's changed.

Then, we found that Round Guys brewing was also nearby. I had heard the interview with Scott the brewmaster on the Brewing Network Sunday Session a few years ago and had always had them on my wish list of places to visit. That was an fun place and plan to make it back there to sample other stuff I wasn't able to fit in.... such as their mead menu. Cool stuff. Neat place. Go visit them!





Future Brewhouse


Good looking beer. 


New tanks... all with person names. 


Aging beer... including some of the "300gal Intermediate Bulk Containers" 


Low ceiling fermenters


Unique fermenter...no conical. Lots of lost beer with this design. But you do what you have to. 


Brew system


Brew Kettle.


Big fodor and barrels


"high tech bottling line" [sarcasm] - They are anxious to upgrade this too. 

Visiting some old photos...

While accepting a photo challenge to submit more istockphoto images and generally to boost my creativity and inspiration, I found some photos that I hadn’t really done much with and decided I should give them a little work and submit them. So these are now in the pipeline and soon to be available for download.

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